Wednesday, November 24, 2010


You smiled and i saw sparks
Shame on you
Shame on me
Both to naive to see the truth
Is that why i carry this torch?
Burning me with every touch
But i don't even notice
Cause you were perfect
I was perfect
We both knew that we were worth it
Or maybe i just imagined it
Either way we could have had it all
I'll just fly away
So i wont be part of this train wreck
So i wont witness this tragedy
And now your saying don't leave home
Now you claim im not alone
But i  can feel it
You want to save her
But i know your losing
Superman had his weakness
So is she your kryptonite
Should i sit and watch her take your strength?
Make you weak and defenseless
But you want to let her
I don't have your super powers
I cant leap over every obstacle
And now you get it
This time the good guys lose
And we aren't putting up a fight
why? just to follow the rules
Cant love anyone but her
Because its written
But so is you untimely demise

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