Friday, October 29, 2010

Funny Fridayz

Why yes... Yes they do

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Cold War

The cold war

We know all the hurt in the world
Here sailing on unsure waters
With the safety of shoreline fading away

you ask me once more if I’m okay
You tell me don’t leave, you need me to stay
For I am a stronger soldier than you
But you left me here first 
Yes you left me here first
You will survive
And if you come back, we can go to the garden
To our safe haven where the daylight begins
Then you’ll kiss me and tell me it’s not broken

Kiss me until I loose my head
Kiss me until I forget
I’ll remove all the clouds from the mourning sky

I’ll give you all of the world, then sit and cry
Because I know you’ll never love me
I know you'll never let me be
I think my hearts broken enough
But I’m so tough Ill fight to the very end
Now there’s a little blood on my cheek, rosey red
They are your favorite flower, what a coincidence
After we made it back home
You delivered them to her on Valentines day
Right before she let you down 
You still put her right back on that pedestal 
Stuck blood diamonds on her crown
Then you climbed higher and higher
Looked down on me and shook your fists at the sky
She never cared about your sacrifices
And she never will my friend
Then you fell
Landing flat on your face once again
So I just laughed at you
You were always accidently funny
A new warship is coming
This time I wont protect you honey
Or your naive little heart
Or your high expectations of her
For I have grown oh so bitter
Nursed a grudge that's worthy enough to hold 
So ill grip it until it withers
And turns to dust in my bare hands
Like the bridges that I’m burning
Until the horses drag me away
By my damaged heart strings
But don’t worry about me
Just focus on you
Someday I’ll be so damn beautiful
That I won’t even see you
No I wont even see you