Monday, June 20, 2011

Nars Nars Nars

Okay. So I do this thing where I see someone with something and then become obsessed with it until I buy it. Well last time I was out I saw someone with this really sparkly red/orange lip gloss. Apparently it is called Wonder by Nars.

So then I went on YouTube and random blogs and found about 15 shades that I like. Here are some of my favorites 


and Angelika

Of course buying lip glosses isn't a big deal and I use them every time I go out ( and sometimes when I'm bored at home) but I've noticed all the really good ones ( Mac, Nars, Lancome, Stila etc.) are way overpriced with a tiny bit of product. Mac by far is the worst offender when it comes to the amount of product and it is $18. Nars, which has the most product and good pigmentation, is $24. Yeah. How about no! But I do try them on in department stores and dream about being rich enough to buy them someday. I do own 3 Mac Dazzleglasses (got them at for cheap) and a Nars lipgloss that I got for $10 at a Sephora sale. I had no idea they are regularly $24 or I would have gotten more ( which, DAMN DAMN DAMN), but I digress. 

I'll be dreaming of you tonight Angelika

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The morning after

artwork by yours truly

It's a strange day today
in my head
in my dreams
in my twisted demented reality
its a strange strange day
and the rain is tinted red
running down my drain
I wished for it
I asked for it
what a strange day
my reflections not the same today
it's so crooked
I was so beautiful before
and now I'm in ruins
but thats because I was so stupid
Am so stupid
Now that girl I used to be
5 years ago
she turns to me
she says "what have you done to us,
what have you done to me"
I've given up my dignity
Hoping I could get close
But I never did
I lost myself trying to find him
I'm sorry I let you down
Sorry I've broken us
But I had no choice
I was… am…was in love
And it almost feels good
this is what it feels like
It burns
And I think that it should
But why did he let danger back in
Because I wasn't his problem
And why didn't I fight
Because I wasn't my problem
why even try
I knew I would never win
I never do
In fact
I've never won a single thing
I'm sorry I let us grow cold
I was so warm before
I'm sorry I let us grow cold
I just don't care anymore
these memories won't go away
I'm not sure I want them to
What a strange day
Being happily torn in two

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Traveling woes

Haven't posted much this week because I've been on the road... well actually I was in the air then lost in a ATL airport for an hour, then back in the air again. Final destination Palm Bay, FL. That is Palm Bay ...the-city-that-is-actually-a-giant-forest-with-gas stations-that-calls-itself-a-city-anyway-even-though-it-doesn't-even-have-a-mall FL.

The point of this random post is that traveling is no fun when you're doing it alone...and Delta should try not to suck so much. I mean...telling me, about 2 hours before my flight, that it is delayed (and because of said delay I would miss my connecting flight ending up with 4 hours to kill in an ATL airport), then getting an attitude when I ask to fly out the next day instead? Really Delta? Really? Not to mention no one knew where my gate was when I arrived in ATL, ( there was a series of shrugs and iunuh's) which is how I got lost for an hour. *face palm* Why is there a train with 4 stops inside that airport anyway? Oy Vey!

But I am glad to be here with my mom and my pets. Thankfully I made it here safely.

Here's a picture of my trouble making dog. His name is Taz after the Tasmanian devil from the Bugz bunny cartoons.

Believe me, he earned the name.