Friday, November 26, 2010

Funny Fridayz

Black Friday!!!!

Yeah this was the lamest black friday ever... no seriously

I wanted to get a really good digital camera ( read Nikon coolpix s70 ) and decided BestBuy would be the "Best" place to go ... because "Best "is in their name. Well I was WRONG.

We got up early and went all the way to Best Buy just so they could tell us "the sale is only online ". REALLY?!! Really 
So I got back home and went on and my Nikon is... SOLD OUT (I missed out on some good sleep for no reason guys... not cool)

Well thanks to my sister I ended up checking out and I got it for the sale price but with free shipping.

so it all worked out

Anyway enjoy some funniez : )

This is the better option

lol it's so true

lol @ his face

Oh and Happy Belated Turkey Day !

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