Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things that I want

Well more like clothing and accessories that I want...

Okay I MUST find these shoes and the tights. This is like my new life mission lol.

Seriously guys LOOK AT THEM

Are these even real? How cool would I be with these?

I want the combat boots... and also her hair lol

How about everything in this picture? 

I want some knee high socks !

This burberry trench... that I will never be able to afford lol. Dang you Emma Watson! ( not really I love her lol)

These are sorta like Emma's boots... so cute.

Well I'm not rich so I'm just gonna go cry ... in a corner... by myself.

Not really I have to get ready for work 
Peace! : )

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This used to be a funhouse

Are you using up your tokens
Are you still playing with disguises
I know your so damn used to winning
Don't you want to choose the prizes
See I used to do it too
Play a pointless game or two
Then I had to grow up
But you just couldn't let it go
You just wanted to waste time
You had your enablers approval
So you didn't need mine
So now she's twiddling her thumbs
And now I've gone a little numb
And you can not do anything
I guess we're all a little dumb
So I refuse to stop living
I refuse to not go on
And all of this for nothing
We just wanted to have fun 

We just wanted to have fun

Monday, January 24, 2011

Living in a glass house

Im in trouble with my friend
He's giving me that look again
Seems I crushed his precious feelings
living in a glass house
He said down here its fine to lie
He said down here we never cry
I'll be putting on a smile
Well until you turn around
And now I feel a little weak
The good intentions of the meek
I should have turned the other cheek
living in a glass house

Friday, January 21, 2011

Funny Fridayz

OMG I do this all the time!  Especially when I'm home alone. I'll just be washing my hair with my eyes closed then I'll start feeling like someone is watching me LMAO!

damn whoever created vuvuzelas! DAMN YOU!

Haha I could never do this... because I am terrible at geology. Don't even ask me to name all 50 states lol

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm not crazy...

My hair really is red. For some reason it just doesn't show in other pics. So here it is... brace yourselves lol

It's definitely gotten more red though. Its not even a pretty red, its this dark coppery hot mess lol. Ugh I do not like this!  

I can't even make fun of rihanna anymore

The magics in the makeup

So I don't really wear much makeup, especially if I'm not going anywhere lol ( or if I'm not trying to impress anyone)

Unfortunately for me I have to go back to school next week so I have to get used to wearing it again. But I'm not gonna lie I really like playing with makeup when I'm bored... which is all the time lol

Anyway here's some of my favorite things...

Maybeline "the falsies" mascara. I have really long curly eyelashes already so I don't really need it. But when I want to do really dark cat eyes it comes in handy.

Loreal H.I.P "kohl eyeliner". It last really long and the colors are really bright. I'm wearing the navy blue color .

M.A.C "creme lipglass". Love this lipgloss. It last all day.

So yeah these are my favs. I forgot to add that I use Loreal H.I.P "gel eyeliner" as my regular eyeliner, M.A.C  "mineralize skin finish foundation", and Makeup Forever concealer. They are all in the photo above. ^

Oh yeah I got the eye serum off of after reading a lot of good reviews and it actually works. I could feel my skin tightening and my under eye bags are getting smaller and smaller each day. It was $20.

Later Guys : )

Monday, January 17, 2011

The carpenter and the painter

I’m trying really hard here
To piece together my heart
I used like fifty thousand nails
But it just falls back apart

I guess I need some super glue
But all I have are some screws
And the pieces all stay put
Until I remember you

So why do I even bother
You were the carpenter
I only painted pretty pictures
Of what our life could be

But you already had plans
You built all these dull walls
With your bare hands
And I just stood by and watched

As they eventually caved in
Despite all of your good intentions
You made it clear it was your trade
I’m just an artist with a vision

Now all that’s left is ashes and debris
Along with dreams that we let wither
If you were here to see this mess
I bet you would reconsider

Friday, January 14, 2011

Funny Fridayz

LOL maybe I should watch this show more often

Seriously people we have more important things to worry about... like helping me pass college algebra. EVERYONE FOCUSE ON THAT INSTEAD!!! there problem solved LOL

LOL Oh Mr. Bloom, no one emotes quite like you.

This is my life. Boring literature is just so... boring

Thursday, January 13, 2011

She Bangs She Bangs

I cut my own Bangs 2 weeks ago... thought I should share

Now I just have to find the perfect red color to dye it...
I'm fully aware of how random this post is lol.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Did you visit me last night
Was it my imagination
Are you stuck between two worlds
Unsure of your destination
Am I mentally unstable
Or just emotionally unstable
Can we ever let this go
Were we ever really able
If this you, the real you
Could you tell me the truth
Could you tell me if you loved me
The same way that I loved you
Should we ignore the real world
Here in this empty space
We could build new walls around us
But I know its just a waste
Should we pretend we're unaware
Of the secrets that we keep
Will we open up our eyes
Or stay forever half asleep

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Guys look what I made!

So I was playing with photoshop today and this awkward collage thingy is what I made lol. I actually like it and I spent a significant amount of time making it so that I could have a cool header image or background. Unfortunately I can't get it to upload as a background and theres no way to make customized header images . Thus I am a sad puppy : ( lol. No but I have seen so many blogs with a custom templates and I keep wondering how they did it. For example...

How are other bloggers doing this? And this is another blog so... Color me confused

Anyway I like photoshop its a fantastic way to waste time haha!

random sketches

Friday, January 7, 2011

Funny Fridayz

LOL why don't I own this movie?

ROTFLMAO ...Okay sorry it's a Spongebob reference 

I'm sick of the song 2 Harry 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My name is Alice

My name is Alice
But this is not a wonderland
He welcomed me into his palace
I was afraid to hold his hand
Cause I was too afraid to fall
I was to afraid to fall

He offered me a little cup
But it was already half empty
I still pulled a chair up
And I watched him watching me
He got bored soon enough
But he still fascinates me

Then he led me to his room
And we talked and we laughed
About insignificant things
Little details of our past
And I felt something, should have ran
But I’ve never been that fast

We made it our daily routine
To do these couple-y things
And I could tell he was just friendly
Just wanted someone to listen
I wish he loved me to
I wish he could understand
I wish he felt the way I do
But I know that he cant

I am not a queen
And I am not a heart breaker
I could never be that mean
And all he wants is her
I could never be that cruel
I could never rule this land
My name is Alice
But this is not a wonderland