Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fashion Fashion Fashion

Soooo I have yet another spanish exam tomorrow. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself 
[ insert sarcasm here ]
So yeah instead of relaxing and enjoying my weekend , I've been studying. I wake up and then I study, eat and then I study, go to work and then I study, Put my head through a wall... well not really. So I finally  decided to take a study break and make a extremely random blog post... so here ya go lol.

                                                    patiently awaiting the day I can afford Dolce

                                                 I own that lipstick lol

                      I love these sunglasses... but I would look completely insane wearing them outside
these are so cool...reminds me of lady gaga

                                                     Well back to studying *cries*. Peace

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  1. buena suerte (good luck in spanish). lol. just do your best, that's all anyone could ever ask of you.

    one love.