Monday, November 29, 2010

When you fail yet another exam...

Don't a random photoshoot on your macbook ya big silly!!!

I was sad about the whole failing I did a little retail therapy at H&M ( What? this was the only solution...I'm not a shopaholic! ) then I had a very random photoshoot... it happens

Well my professor said I will pass because of the ridiculous amount of homework assignments and the fact that I get all "A's " on them. I really did not want to screw up my GPA by getting a "C" but WHATEVER I refuse to get to stressed out about it.

3 weeks and then I'm free!!!!


It was bound to happen
We knew it had to happen
All this pulling and this stretching
And this tugging and bending
So why was I so surprised
Did I think I was invincible
Did I think that I could handle it
The way that I did before
Not this time
This time it hurts to much to ignore
I guess I've reached my breaking point
Theres always a breaking point
But I was trying to cheat the system
With hope and a glue gun
Thought I could piece things back together
But I'm just another victim
Another love fool with a broken heart
Now I see just what you did
In your eyes I was a child
I was never Superwoman
But I was always fragile
I was always fragile

Friday, November 26, 2010

Funny Fridayz

Black Friday!!!!

Yeah this was the lamest black friday ever... no seriously

I wanted to get a really good digital camera ( read Nikon coolpix s70 ) and decided BestBuy would be the "Best" place to go ... because "Best "is in their name. Well I was WRONG.

We got up early and went all the way to Best Buy just so they could tell us "the sale is only online ". REALLY?!! Really 
So I got back home and went on and my Nikon is... SOLD OUT (I missed out on some good sleep for no reason guys... not cool)

Well thanks to my sister I ended up checking out and I got it for the sale price but with free shipping.

so it all worked out

Anyway enjoy some funniez : )

This is the better option

lol it's so true

lol @ his face

Oh and Happy Belated Turkey Day !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


You smiled and i saw sparks
Shame on you
Shame on me
Both to naive to see the truth
Is that why i carry this torch?
Burning me with every touch
But i don't even notice
Cause you were perfect
I was perfect
We both knew that we were worth it
Or maybe i just imagined it
Either way we could have had it all
I'll just fly away
So i wont be part of this train wreck
So i wont witness this tragedy
And now your saying don't leave home
Now you claim im not alone
But i  can feel it
You want to save her
But i know your losing
Superman had his weakness
So is she your kryptonite
Should i sit and watch her take your strength?
Make you weak and defenseless
But you want to let her
I don't have your super powers
I cant leap over every obstacle
And now you get it
This time the good guys lose
And we aren't putting up a fight
why? just to follow the rules
Cant love anyone but her
Because its written
But so is you untimely demise

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fashion Fashion Fashion

Soooo I have yet another spanish exam tomorrow. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself 
[ insert sarcasm here ]
So yeah instead of relaxing and enjoying my weekend , I've been studying. I wake up and then I study, eat and then I study, go to work and then I study, Put my head through a wall... well not really. So I finally  decided to take a study break and make a extremely random blog post... so here ya go lol.

                                                    patiently awaiting the day I can afford Dolce

                                                 I own that lipstick lol

                      I love these sunglasses... but I would look completely insane wearing them outside
these are so cool...reminds me of lady gaga

                                                     Well back to studying *cries*. Peace

Friday, November 19, 2010

Funny Fridayz

                                 This is so wrong but I laughed for like 20 minutes after reading it lol.

Meangirls + smallville= hilarious lol 

         Seriously why would anyone be intimidated by someone who sparkles? HP > Twilight

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can you hear me?

I’m building sentences from words
Ands words from letters
That jump off my tongue
Then fall on deaf ears
That hear just what they want to hear
Then you swallow them down
Into your skinny little throat
Then past your shallow heart
Where they slowly drop into your gut
Then you digest what you need
And vomit them back up
But you haven’t heard a word I’ve said
No you havn't heard a word I've said

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Last Day of Sunshine

So the weather is already getting gloomy ( kind of matches my mood actually ) and so last week when we had a little sunshine I figured I would take a few pics. I'm assuming I wont be seeing the sun again anytime soon.

Yeah this semester and my life in general right now is just... not so great. I'm not doing so great in a couple of my classes and it's depressing. Not because I'm some crazed naive overachiever but because being smart is supposed to be my thing. If I'm not the smart one then I have no idea who I am. I don't expect to be good at everything but "when you try your best but you dont succeed"... it's disheartening. The only thing that was cheering me up was my fake ray-ban sunglasses and the pretty fall foliage lol. So that being said it was hard saying goodbye but hey that's life. I'm just buying my time until xmas... Until then FML

Friday, November 12, 2010

Let me In

Let me in
I want something from your friend
And actually
I have a gift for her as well
And I insist that she take it
Because she has never experienced such a thing
And she claimed she was a modern pioneer
Said that nature was the enemy
Because it is cruel and monstrous
And it feeds on the innocent
Please let me enlighten her
Let me prove her wrong
You seem skeptical
I know
But I assure you I am a man
And every women needs one
"Did she say so? "
Well no
But she did not say otherwise
what? No I did not ask
You seem like an good friend
I can tell your quite intelligent
So I will ask you once again
Let me in
I will not hurt her
I could not hurt a fly
I assure you I am trustworthy
I swear I would not lie
I can tell that you care about her
And believe me so do I
See I only want to help her
And yes I know I am just a stranger
But she obviously trusts your judgement
So do the right thing
See I believe in alchemy
I can teach her knew philosophies
How to turn nails into diamonds
And cold blood into chilled wine
She's seen your true nature friend
Let me show her mine
There is no need to protect her
She is strong can't you tell
Her eyes were only glossy
Because she is smitten with me
Do not deprive her of this
Do not think to hard about it
She is a grown women right
You are not her keeper or her guardian
Well I know you want the best for her
But this moment is in your hands
So make the right choice
Let me in

Funny Fridayz

lol poor Coco... but he's on TBS now so it's all good

If your husband just died in your arms and everyone you know abandons you then...

 What have we learned Chloe?

Hehe George is such a wimp

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rehearsing in borders

 So I took an acting class this semester. It's been okay so far, but I haven't really conquered my stage freight just yet. Even though I have my lines memorized, I just go blank as soon as I have multiple pairs of eyes on me. I dont want to be ignored but I dont want to be in the spot light either. Oh life and it's many inconvenient contradictions.Would be funny if it weren't for a grade... Anyway my scene partner and I met up at Borders to rehearse in hopes of getting a "A". I sort of forgot how much I like book stores.

                                                             Such a nice view

                                                            Study break : )

No reason for any of these people to have their own books let alone a shelf in any bookstore... just saying. ( and yes I realize it's not a legitimate book )

Things I discovered in the kids section... I think I want to live there. It was so pretty and colorful Pandora lol

     We rehearsed the scene so many times we thought our heads would explode so we went and got    some food. And for dessert mango sorbe yummy! Here's hoping I dont lose it tomorrow because that would really suck lol.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Seed

The seed

What is this poisonous seed
That I'm trying to cultivate
Making it flourish and grow
Replacing everything with hate
Its my favorite new obsession
Just what I need to let you go
I've made to many weak confessions
But I need to let you know
I spent so much time in love
In a sad robotic state
I eventually lost control
Now I'm at a strange weight
Falling back slightly off kilter
I need something to lean on
Something to balance me out
Something real Something strong
I went from feeling everything
To having a heart so vacant
That when someone shows me affection
I just assume the worst of them
I was not completely honest
And sure I had my walls before
But now I live in metal safe
With no windows and no doors
We hid ourselves back then
But still seeked comfort in each other
We were cautious of our friends
Chameleons undercover
But you changed so effortlessly
I just struggled to keep up
And when you pushed her in my face
I knew you didn't give a fuck
Then there you sat, bitter as me
I saw the light fade out your eyes
Is she as guilty as we say
Is she responsible for your lies
And if you had called
I would have came back
Despite your shameless disguise
Despite the painfully intense insurmountable good byes
And as I washed away those stains
Wishing for my last breath
You were sleeping so soundly
Undisturbed in your bed
A piercing pain in my heart
I felt  spreading to my head
And I swear I almost laughed
when I found out you were dead
But not because I was joyful
Or at your so called soulmate
Worrying more about your money
But at such an epic stalemate
The irony of love lost
before it was ever found
Someone so cold burning slowly in a car
Your avid hold on me renounced
So I felt pushed in this direction
To use my pain to make me fearless
And when I think about it all
I really should not give a shit
Ah yes this poisonous seed
It is spreading through my mind
I will hate you soon enough
I just need some more time

Friday, November 5, 2010

Funny Fridayz

LOL I wish I was all caught up on this show... What is it like the 10th season now?

Funny Fridayz

LOL This movie was classic

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This is scary. I can't even...
I mean what happened? I thought the democrats had this in the bag. I thought this country learned who it can and cannot trust during the G.W years. I hope this is not going to happen in 2012 ( then it really would be the end of the world ). Can you imagine if Sarah Palin won? *shudders*

This is seriously just... unbelievably scary