Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rehearsing in borders

 So I took an acting class this semester. It's been okay so far, but I haven't really conquered my stage freight just yet. Even though I have my lines memorized, I just go blank as soon as I have multiple pairs of eyes on me. I dont want to be ignored but I dont want to be in the spot light either. Oh life and it's many inconvenient contradictions.Would be funny if it weren't for a grade... Anyway my scene partner and I met up at Borders to rehearse in hopes of getting a "A". I sort of forgot how much I like book stores.

                                                             Such a nice view

                                                            Study break : )

No reason for any of these people to have their own books let alone a shelf in any bookstore... just saying. ( and yes I realize it's not a legitimate book )

Things I discovered in the kids section... I think I want to live there. It was so pretty and colorful ...like Pandora lol

     We rehearsed the scene so many times we thought our heads would explode so we went and got    some food. And for dessert mango sorbe yummy! Here's hoping I dont lose it tomorrow because that would really suck lol.


  1. this is the bookstore where I picked my daughter's regal name ;) love the pencil case.

    one love.

  2. she's named after a queen right?