Friday, June 22, 2012


I could water the desert with the amount of tears I've shed for you
Bet I could have found a cure for cancer if I had refocused all that energy
But you were an ever hungry leech
Always unsatisfied and sucking the life out of me
So I left your painful embrace in search of happiness
But I found that your torture became my foundation
So I just crumbled everytime I made the decision to leave
What do I do now that we are permanently seperated
Stop the whole world from spinning?
Travel all the way back to the beginning?
Then maybe fight for everything that I know you believed in
Because I know now there were things that should have been said
Should have pulled those thoughts from our heads
Problem is I cannot change these things
Your short existance has come to an end and even though it was significant
The water keeps flowing and the world keeps on spinning
So I have to attempt to comprehend all our short comings
All your flaws that I never noticed before
They are ugly, yet they still fit perfectly with mine
All the misteps that we made are still footprints side by side
All the stars we gazed upon, they're still perfectly aligned
And I feel so small sometimes without you finishing my sentences
But I know it's not as hopeless as it seems
The melancholy tends to be relentless
But I cant fret over broken dreams
I have to let go now and I know you understand
So if your looking for me ill be right here waiting
In the grave yard of our love
doing handstands