Monday, November 15, 2010

The Last Day of Sunshine

So the weather is already getting gloomy ( kind of matches my mood actually ) and so last week when we had a little sunshine I figured I would take a few pics. I'm assuming I wont be seeing the sun again anytime soon.

Yeah this semester and my life in general right now is just... not so great. I'm not doing so great in a couple of my classes and it's depressing. Not because I'm some crazed naive overachiever but because being smart is supposed to be my thing. If I'm not the smart one then I have no idea who I am. I don't expect to be good at everything but "when you try your best but you dont succeed"... it's disheartening. The only thing that was cheering me up was my fake ray-ban sunglasses and the pretty fall foliage lol. So that being said it was hard saying goodbye but hey that's life. I'm just buying my time until xmas... Until then FML


  1. each season brings its beauty. and you are beautiful.

  2. thanx sis ... I know I'll feel better when it's starts snowing... and when I get my grades back up