Tuesday, August 23, 2011


All the things I'll regret when I'm old
The morals I've bought and sold
Oh I use to be nice
and I used to be kind
But we all grow a little bit cold

I remember when I began to fold
when I came to this fork in the road
I took that wrong turn
And it turned me around
Can't tell if it's for better or worse

I know I let people down slow
And I've been to the lowest low
But when I'm ten feet tall
when I'm not so small
I'll be standing on my own

There are truths I will never know
In the past that I have to let go
It haunts me for now
but if I turn back around
Ill know which way I'll go

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Binge

They've been churning in my gut
all the feelings I have swallowed
Wish I could vomit them back up
But it would only leave me shallow
I had this appetite for us
And all our empty words
Never felt so damn untouched
I think I like the way it hurts
All the whispered little lies
They soon become my truth
And all my logical ties
I severed them just for you
But you didn't notice my pain
Even when I was bleeding
And I still hung on to the remains
Even when you were leaving
It has to end, and yet I flounder
held by your gravitational pull
and sometimes I sit and wonder
If I will ever really be full