Friday, November 12, 2010

Let me In

Let me in
I want something from your friend
And actually
I have a gift for her as well
And I insist that she take it
Because she has never experienced such a thing
And she claimed she was a modern pioneer
Said that nature was the enemy
Because it is cruel and monstrous
And it feeds on the innocent
Please let me enlighten her
Let me prove her wrong
You seem skeptical
I know
But I assure you I am a man
And every women needs one
"Did she say so? "
Well no
But she did not say otherwise
what? No I did not ask
You seem like an good friend
I can tell your quite intelligent
So I will ask you once again
Let me in
I will not hurt her
I could not hurt a fly
I assure you I am trustworthy
I swear I would not lie
I can tell that you care about her
And believe me so do I
See I only want to help her
And yes I know I am just a stranger
But she obviously trusts your judgement
So do the right thing
See I believe in alchemy
I can teach her knew philosophies
How to turn nails into diamonds
And cold blood into chilled wine
She's seen your true nature friend
Let me show her mine
There is no need to protect her
She is strong can't you tell
Her eyes were only glossy
Because she is smitten with me
Do not deprive her of this
Do not think to hard about it
She is a grown women right
You are not her keeper or her guardian
Well I know you want the best for her
But this moment is in your hands
So make the right choice
Let me in

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  1. you are quite the poet. hope you are having a happy world kindness day. one love Sister.