Monday, December 27, 2010

Picking up the pieces

Are you the one?
I used to think that he was
But I guess that I was wrong
When it was all said and done
I made such a fuss
Now the world is laughing at us
They all think that we should give up
It will be a difficult task
To fall in love...I mean truly in love
Not that useless confusing Hollywood stuff
See we'll have to start from scratch
Then polish each other back up
Sure we'll get blood on our hands
But we'll do all we can
To pick the pieces back up

So maybe there isn't just one someone
Maybe there are way to many
And there are oh so many parts
And we can't control any
And the world is laughing at us
It's true
The world wants us to be brand new
Because if we were smart
We would avoid used hearts
I'm glad I'm just as foolish as you

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