Thursday, December 30, 2010

Make room for...

So yesterday one of the blogs I frequently visit (a fellow hipster) was blogging about her recently redecorated room. So I was like whatever and spent the rest of my day on tumblr and youtube (I know I am so productive). Then today I looked at my room, really looked at it... and it's a hot mess lol. So now I have officially caught the redecorating bug.

Here's how my room looks at the moment... brace yourselves

Still unpacking so thats what all the trashbags are... All I have on my walls is some of my drawings and a mirror lol.

Anyway I went on a google adventure and now I sort of have an idea what I want to do. Heres some of the things I found.

I've always wanted a funky wallpaper.  I have seen the black and white one before and I've always wanted to try it.

 Okay so no I do not want to hang my bed from the ceiling... but this is to cool not to post.

I want this wall bookshelf thingy! It's looks like a comic bubble! Gimmy Gimmy Gimmy

More cool shelving

And along with my art, it would be nice to have a mod-like clock for decoration

This is a lamp... how cool is that? An apple lamp.

Well I'm done boring you guys now. Hopefully I will actually get something done in this room next year. I'll just add this to my New Years resolution list now : ) 

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