Sunday, January 9, 2011


Guys look what I made!

So I was playing with photoshop today and this awkward collage thingy is what I made lol. I actually like it and I spent a significant amount of time making it so that I could have a cool header image or background. Unfortunately I can't get it to upload as a background and theres no way to make customized header images . Thus I am a sad puppy : ( lol. No but I have seen so many blogs with a custom templates and I keep wondering how they did it. For example...

How are other bloggers doing this? And this is another blog so... Color me confused

Anyway I like photoshop its a fantastic way to waste time haha!


  1. I really like this new layout, it's really cool. As for customizable, you can make them, but you have to create them in HTML, which IDK how to do. Go flirt with a CompSci major at your school, and they should be able to help you recreate your photoshop collage-y masterpiece. Say word son WORD!

  2. lol WORD!... I still haven't figured out what classes all the cute boys are in. They certainly aren't english majors.Apparently cute boys don't like to write. WHOMP WHOMP