Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The magics in the makeup

So I don't really wear much makeup, especially if I'm not going anywhere lol ( or if I'm not trying to impress anyone)

Unfortunately for me I have to go back to school next week so I have to get used to wearing it again. But I'm not gonna lie I really like playing with makeup when I'm bored... which is all the time lol

Anyway here's some of my favorite things...

Maybeline "the falsies" mascara. I have really long curly eyelashes already so I don't really need it. But when I want to do really dark cat eyes it comes in handy.

Loreal H.I.P "kohl eyeliner". It last really long and the colors are really bright. I'm wearing the navy blue color .

M.A.C "creme lipglass". Love this lipgloss. It last all day.

So yeah these are my favs. I forgot to add that I use Loreal H.I.P "gel eyeliner" as my regular eyeliner, M.A.C  "mineralize skin finish foundation", and Makeup Forever concealer. They are all in the photo above. ^

Oh yeah I got the eye serum off of after reading a lot of good reviews and it actually works. I could feel my skin tightening and my under eye bags are getting smaller and smaller each day. It was $20.

Later Guys : )


  1. sending lots of positive vibes for you to get through school. blowing you a kiss

  2. Well I'm gonna be busy this semester but I wont have to take Spanish so my grades will be fine.I'm taking all english classes and I always get A's in english.