Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm not crazy...

My hair really is red. For some reason it just doesn't show in other pics. So here it is... brace yourselves lol

It's definitely gotten more red though. Its not even a pretty red, its this dark coppery hot mess lol. Ugh I do not like this!  

I can't even make fun of rihanna anymore


  1. I'm so calling you ginger balls from now on. k, ttyl ginger balls **said with New Zealand accent** LOL

  2. do you remember when i dyed my hair and it came out orange? and then i rushed to the store and dyed it black and i looked like a bengal tiger.

    or the other time i went to dye it auburn and it came out this funky colour and everyone called me cinnamon?

    love you. this too shall pass.

  3. Very funny Susan!

    Oh yeah I remember your hair turned purple once Se'lah lol...I'm still trying to figure out what color im gonna dye it because this is NOT cute.