Thursday, January 6, 2011

My name is Alice

My name is Alice
But this is not a wonderland
He welcomed me into his palace
I was afraid to hold his hand
Cause I was too afraid to fall
I was to afraid to fall

He offered me a little cup
But it was already half empty
I still pulled a chair up
And I watched him watching me
He got bored soon enough
But he still fascinates me

Then he led me to his room
And we talked and we laughed
About insignificant things
Little details of our past
And I felt something, should have ran
But I’ve never been that fast

We made it our daily routine
To do these couple-y things
And I could tell he was just friendly
Just wanted someone to listen
I wish he loved me to
I wish he could understand
I wish he felt the way I do
But I know that he cant

I am not a queen
And I am not a heart breaker
I could never be that mean
And all he wants is her
I could never be that cruel
I could never rule this land
My name is Alice
But this is not a wonderland

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