Saturday, June 4, 2011

Traveling woes

Haven't posted much this week because I've been on the road... well actually I was in the air then lost in a ATL airport for an hour, then back in the air again. Final destination Palm Bay, FL. That is Palm Bay ...the-city-that-is-actually-a-giant-forest-with-gas stations-that-calls-itself-a-city-anyway-even-though-it-doesn't-even-have-a-mall FL.

The point of this random post is that traveling is no fun when you're doing it alone...and Delta should try not to suck so much. I mean...telling me, about 2 hours before my flight, that it is delayed (and because of said delay I would miss my connecting flight ending up with 4 hours to kill in an ATL airport), then getting an attitude when I ask to fly out the next day instead? Really Delta? Really? Not to mention no one knew where my gate was when I arrived in ATL, ( there was a series of shrugs and iunuh's) which is how I got lost for an hour. *face palm* Why is there a train with 4 stops inside that airport anyway? Oy Vey!

But I am glad to be here with my mom and my pets. Thankfully I made it here safely.

Here's a picture of my trouble making dog. His name is Taz after the Tasmanian devil from the Bugz bunny cartoons.

Believe me, he earned the name.

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