Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Window shopping ...FAIL

Good news! I'm finally getting over the bug I had this past week. I was throwing up and couldn't eat...Ugh ugh ugh! I hate being sick.

Anyway this week has been kind of funny. I slept right through my alarm clock so I missed my orthodontist appointment and had to reschedule for next week. Then I have a math exam tomorrow and something else I'm supposed to do but cannot remember. Well instead of studying for my math placement exam, I went to the mall ... to window shop. I ended buying lipgloss and a pair of boots.

[Sidenote: I have to take the math placement exam before I'm allowed to take my math requirement and graduate( which should be in 2012). I tested into to the class below the one I need (which is college algebra) and I'm hoping this time I'll pass it. Stupid Algebra, it's been ruining my life since 2005. Why do we have to test into math anyway? Just let us pick whatever classes we want man.]

In my defense they are really cute boots and were only $20.

They also look like these $200 BCBG boots that I wanted.

Yes this post was pointless and all over the place... I'm aware


  1. cute shoes!! doesn't look like a fail to me...

  2. I'm dreaming to have a boots like that too but I like the color black. Need to go to Ayala shopping malls this weekend to find boots again, hope I can find them soon. Been looking it for a year! :D