Friday, May 20, 2011

The Story of Us

We were the legend
that no one will ever mention
because bravery escaped us both
I have to believe that now
And though we barely touched
Your fingerprints permanently grace my skin
And though you never said you loved me
My heart was the only place you ever fit in
And we barely held on
It was just 22 months
But it felt like my whole life
Like an eternity
But that's what we were
Don't you get it?
We were everything
they didn't write our story down
because the world couldn't handle it
this bond that we had
they didn't know what to call it
You were the only one that understood me
the one that got to me
My impenetrable  wall of wit and independence
All you did was smile
And it came tumbling down brick by brick by brick
But I still saw so much more than you
While you were playing with matches and gasoline
I was thinking things through
And I burned when you burned
And I bled when you bled
And now I keep all our memories inside my head
And it breaks my spirit each day
But someone has to remember it
Because they were important
Those 22 months that we lived
We were not  Romeo or Juliet
We were so much better than that
something that never got touched or ruined
something magic, something magnificent
You were my favorite mistake
You were so damn brilliant
The shiniest nail in my coffin
I was built to be broken by you
And you were born to be torn in two
There should have been a song about  us
our unlabeled, untouched, unlawful perfection
our self-destructive pile of machinery and rust
A shiny bit of nothing
and still...we sure were something
We were the heroes of the story
yes we were the legend
the one and only legend
that no one will ever mention

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