Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Okay. Demi Lovato is one of my favorite artist. She is, in my opinion, the most talented singer to come out of Disney and one of the most talented singers out there. Anyway let me stop fangirling LOL.

This is her new single 'Skyscraper'.  It's a song about overcoming obstacles and rising above all the crap life throws at you. It is brilliant! The song is so inspiring especially since she is going through so much. From her eating disorder, to her cutting, to her being diagnosed as Bipolar she has pushed through. The song is already #1 on itunes without any promotion. So I guess I'm not alone in my adoration. 

I also love finding music that I can relate to on a personal level. And since my recent trip to Florida brought up some memories I've been trying to repress, this song is gonna be on repeat for a while. 

I think it's about time I start talking about music on this blog. Especially since I listen to my ipod constantly. I'll probably share my playlists soon.

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  1. I like that song a lot. Good pick. We still need to talk about those memories ma'am. I did not forget. Love you lil one :)