Saturday, June 6, 2009

All the right colors

All The Right Colors

this piece of art you put your hands in it
if you never showed me the bright ones
all my dreams would be unfinished
i lost track of what i started
when life hit me with its hardest
couldnt bring my hand to color in the sun
but you picked up your paint brush
and showed me how to take my time
i almost thought it was over
youve always found the silver line
and i remember what you said
though i have sketched up some mistakes
you cant erase paint
i can try make the best of this
beat the devil at his game
i can find something to celebrate
instead of dwelling on pain
and i still look to you to remind me of my dreams
cause we share the same heart
thank god you came along and picked all the right colors
that made such beautiful art

... wrote this one for my sister

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